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Webshop | Sell or Acquire?

  • Thinking about selling your web shop or company?
  • Would you like to discretely check a possible takeover?
  • Would you like to do pre-research regarding a possible takeover?
  • Would you like to start a concrete takeover-process?
  • Do you have potential takeover candidates?
  • Why would you start exploring a sale or takeover now?

Rapid changes and acquisitions
The days of slow motion and orderly developments in the online market are over. More often it is taking over companies or being taken over down the road. Growth, timely and wise acquisitions are an essential part of today’s business world.

Online webshop monopoly 
On the online monopoly playing field, strategic positions get bought, to block or hinder others from getting to crucial parts of the market. By buying online labels, customer databases, supplying channels, knowledge, volume and combined return.

Solid growth and online sales war
Solid online growth has never before been such a crucial factor. The relatively closed Dutch (and Belgium) market is coming to an end. The sales war seems to be knocking on our front door. This will surely happen when big Asian and American providers come to The Netherlands with one or more huge warehouses, the customs thresholds will no longer exist. And when online specialists start doing their work here and give customers maximum price and product transparency: the battle for margin and race-to-the-bottom will begin.

Size does matter
Therefore volume, power of deed and size of your company does matter. Would you like to discuss a possible sale or overtake of another company? Or would you like to have research done regarding selling the business or taking over another company? Please contact Fresh Tuesday if you would like to have a non-binding and confidential conversation.

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