Ever since I met Marcel Borgman, some 10 years ago, in my capacity as International Trade Director for the Netherlands Business Support Office in San Mateo, California, I was in awe about his business acumen and straight forwardness. I kept following him after he returned to the Netherlands and till this day I haven’t seen the slightest change in the way he goes about his business, other than positive growth. With great enthusiasm I full heartedly recommend Marcel to anyone seeking to do business with him, or otherwise wants to connect.

– Peter Laanen, Laanen The Brand

I have worked together with Marcel closely at the time he was starting his business in the U.S. where I was living and working at the time. Marcel has a keen eye for the possibilities, but also the legal pitfalls of doing business in the U.S. But he found right people to surround himself with and started up his business very quickly.

– Hans Albers

Marcel stand for kindness, expertise, effort, passion, integrity and reliability. In my time at Sara Lee, we worked together very successfully and enjoyable on digital projects.

– Theo v.d. Kamp, Mediativity

A team player at heart. Knows like nobody else how to get the best out of other people to obtain the optimal result.

– Sander Borghuis, La’Loupe

I know Marcel as a very driven and creative man, that is curious about the person in front of him. What drives you and how do you bring out the best of you? He excites you, makes you think and knows like no other how to make others enthusiastic. He is critical, honest and integer.

– Shireen Rog

A people-oriented manager to motivate you and going the extra mile. He combines an eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. He is a great person to work with.

– Klaas Klunder, Marketing Penguin

…making the impossible, possible… mission impossible
…an authentic leader. many people have expensive training sessions to try and become one, some people just are one naturally.
… a people person with an eye for organization interests.
… involved²
… stimulator, inspirator, expert, nice conversation partner (a grindstone for the mind)

– Hillebrand Ewolds, Het Labyrint training & coaching