Fresh Tuesday: achieving more together

The central question is and remains: how do we improve the business and become more successful? This goal is achieved best with people and teams that are happy with their work and goals. The team is crucial: “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Team spirit
People that work as a team for the same and rewarding goals perform best. It gives so much energy, strength and fun times. Eventually this was my motivation and origin to start Fresh Tuesday. Why? It’s crystal clear: when people are happy within a team or organization, business will run better.

A hint of good luck
About success and champions: one question for you. Did you ever see a sports team win a championship without ticking the next seven boxes: together + passion + going through fire and water for each other + clever + perseverance + talent + a hint of good luck? This is the same for companies and big and small organizations…

Throughout the years I have learned to look at people and organizations in a different way by constantly asking W|H-questions. Why do things work out the way they do? What could easily be changed for the better for everyone? What determines the success of this team and company? Why are they so successful? What are the incentives within the company and the team? How are successes celebrated and shared with everyone? What is going wrong? Why? What changes are crucial?

Solve internal problems
But just as important: are there any internal obstructions, barriers, complaints? What causes dissatisfaction? How do find a solution and growth for everybody involved? How do we (re)incorporate fun and the right mindset in teams and daily work?

New choices and chances, every day
What are the best opportunities for a venture? What are the pitfalls and possible problems and how do we work around them? How well do we actually know our customers? How can we use new opportunities to their full potential?

Would you like to accomplish more in your organization? Please contact me without commitment to make an appointment.

Why “Fresh Tuesday”?
Tuesday is considered to be the most productive day of the week in The Netherlands. Tuesdays feel like fresh, somewhat calmer days to start executive new plans and get business up and running. Recognisable? That helps remembering 😉.

Supporting organizations, teams and people
Fresh Tuesday was founded and stands for who I am and what I do: supporting organizations, teams and people on interim and project basis in a fresh and enthusiastic way. This can be achieved in many different ways. If you would like to know more about how Fresh Tuesday can help your company, head over to the services that Fresh Tuesday provides. With every service we provide, the central role is: achieving more together. That’s the reason why Fresh Tuesday has a broad network of specialists and specialised companies working in different fields. That can, if wanted, be employed for projects that Fresh Tuesday does.

Private | Work
Amersfoort is my place of residence. I love the outdoors, with bare feet along a quiet beach or the tranquility of rugged mountains.
I enjoy working in the Netherlands, Europe, America. Over the years I have traveled for business in many countries and have experienced that I actually enjoy working in (almost) every place worldwide. Achieving something together and going for something, that’s my passion.

Marcel Borgman

Entrepreneur with enthusiasm, inspiring people, getting business started and projects done.

Keywords: interim management, pioneering, marketing, management, e-commerce, projects, sales management, international cooperation, research of new companies and markets, company takeovers, online concepts and ideas.

After various international sales- and management jobs, I got the opportunity in the year 2000 to start a young internet company as a marketeer and become member of the management team. We were quite successful and got more and more important clients. The web company grew to over 45 employees (creative designers, smart programmers and ict specialists) and was bought by Unit4. This eventually led to my entrepreneurial start as co-founder of and other small companies. 5x winner Online Shopping Award | in The Netherlands 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

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