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Entrepreneur | Sparring about the business

Way back in 2005 in our young Management Team we felt the need to have a person with more ‘grey hair & experience’ to serve as a critical sounding board. We found a general manager of a national organization to discuss with us once every three months. These evenings were very fruitful and gave us direction and made us rethink our possibilities, risks and incentives. A fresh, new point of view helps. Someone with enough experience when it comes to down to serious questions and doing serious business will ask questions and addresses certain topics that normally would not, or not easily be discussed. This role as sounding board and coach is what I am doing on a 1-on-1 situation with a (general) manager, but also with management teams of companies up to 50 employees since I recognise their problems and challenges. I will also be able to help finding effective solutions. Want to know more? Let’s talk.

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Entrepreneur advice | Research

Confidential exploration. That is what Fresh Tuesday does. It could be about a competing company, or an interesting company that you would like to take over, a new assortment, a new market. In some cases, companies cannot deploy their own managers do that research. Does that sound familiar? Fresh Tuesday does exploratory research and reports back.

Entrepreneur advice | Buy or sell a company?

Often it could go either way: buy or be bought. Sometimes for people it is simply the right time to think about selling. This could be because it is the most financially beneficial time to sell or because it is a great opportunity. But selling your shares in a company can have big consequences. Besides financial consequences, there are multiple other less obvious consequences that are also very important. Throughout the years I have experienced these consequences on numerous occasions. That knowledge and experience is something I want to share with entrepreneurs and business ventures that are seriously considering about selling their company. Naturally, we will sign a NDA before discussing any in-depth information. Together we will decide if Fresh Tuesday can be of help to you and your company. For a non-binding and confidential conversation, please contact me.

Entrepreneur advice | More turnover?

Who does not want it? More turnover. It seems like a logical thing to want. But it’s obvious to strive for smarter turnover. Turnover with a higher yield: net profit. Because that’s the final goal.

The hunger for more turnover is all around. Many companies have a huge turnover but haven’t made one dollar or euro of profit. And most of them will never make a “normal” profit. Some companies have another goal: to be bought at a later stage by a big, often foreign investor. But their plan does not always work out the way they envisioned it. Most Dutch companies have to make a healthy profit to stay afloat. Which is not always that easy considering the immense competition that companies have to deal with and great uncertainty about the (near) future. Dominant leads- and order-generating parties like Google,, Amazon and Alibaba and newer organizations control online markets. Almost every web shop will recognise this situation. More turnover is not the only answer, even though it is necessary to create profit. Fresh Tuesday is helping web shops with different possibilities to generate relevant and sustainable turnover with a good yield by making processes more efficient and effective. Would you like to discuss your situation? Leave a message and I will respond to you in person.

Achieving more together. Send an e-mail or call +31 33 3690015