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There are different situations in which interim management can play an important role within an organization. New or specifically demarcated projects, acute problems, unexpected situations within the market or a team, temporary absence of a general manager or other situations that ask for a specific approach. An interim manager can help bring peace and balance in the internal and external affairs of an organization and help steer it into calmer waters or give the business a boost.

Marcel Borgman
I am Marcel Borgman, founder of Fresh Tuesday and generally available as interim manager for short or longer periods of time and for small or larger projects. Fresh Tuesday provides various business services. For more than 25 years I have been using my knowledge and skills in several companies with experience as marketeer, manager and entrepreneur.

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Who is the best interim manager?

Hard to say; the specific situation, circumstances, talent and skills of the interim manager determine how successful she or he will be. Besides goals, internal affairs, mandate and communication, many other factors play a role. Experience is of course of great importance. For over 25 years, I have been working nationally and internationally in a wide variety of organizations. The last 20 years I worked in a managing role, in a Management Team and co-owner of a company. This has given me a broad experience when it comes to management functions. In relations with employees, customers, consumers, shareholders, owners, clients, suppliers, service suppliers and local governments. Compassion, integrity and a broad view for people and the organization are crucial for an interim manager to optimally fulfil his function.