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I have experienced how it is to start up companies and online activities in different countries, like America, The United Kingdom and Spain. Including pitfalls, unexpected factors of success, bad and good luck. All these experiences are being used by Fresh Tuesday to help clients. The network I have formed around me over the past 25 years is used by Fresh Tuesday for its online projects. Every company has a different position in the market and blueprints for successful companies do not exist. Everything starts with the first conversation. How will I be able to improve your business?

Achieving more together. Send an e-mail or call +31 33 3690015

E-commerce | Returning customers

A company would be nowhere without customers. Preferably returning and loyal customers. But it all starts with WHY? It is easy to say: ‘we strive to reach maximum customer satisfaction’. But how and when do we measure customer satisfaction in the right way?! Are you really customer-centric? What does each individual customer expect from your company? When is that customer satisfied? And for how long? How should the customer service department develop itself and improve, every day, step by step? Fresh Tuesday would gladly help your organization. Interested? Please let me know and call +31 33 3690015 or send an email in order to make an appointment.

E-commerce | Online tools and technique

A world of possibilities that are not always used to their full potential. Of course, the ICT department and ICT manager(s) know most about it. And most employees know some tips, trick and tools. But what would be the right tools and techniques to use within your company, that are (cost)-effective, efficient and give the right results? Fresh Tuesday collaborates with people that have a great understanding of tools and online techniques.

Achieving more together. Send an e-mail or call +31 33 3690015