Specific & Flexible

Interim management

There are different situations in which interim management can play an important role within an organization. New or specifically demarcated projects, acute problems, unexpected situations within the market or a team, temporary absence of a general manager or other situations that ask for a specific approach. An interim manager can help bring peace and balance in the internal and external affairs of an organization and help steer it into calmer waters or give the business a boost.


For more than 18 years have been involved in numerous web shops and internet sites of many (inter)national organizations. From the concept phase up until the realisation, maintenance and the expansion of web sites, online shops and projects. Throughout the years I recognise specific growth problems as well as new opportunities. Furthermore it is important to manage optimism about reaching deadlines and goals and general underestimating about what it takes to build up an online project and problems organizations run into.

Business advice

Way back in 2005 in our young Management Team we felt the need to have a person with more ‘grey hair & experience’ to serve as a critical sounding board. We found a general manager of a national organization to discuss with us once every three months. These evenings were very fruitful and gave us direction and made us rethink our possibilities, risks and incentives. A fresh, new point of view helps.

Selling your web shop | acquisition of web companies

So much is happening in the ‘regular’ world, but without a doubt also online. Google is continuously changing which always has financial consequences and an impact on rankings and eventually the amount of orders. Besides, it is never certain what the next step of Google will be, but that changes are already planned, that is something we can be sure of. Giants like Amazon and Alibaba and other large foreign parties have set their sights on The Netherlands, which is a nice and compact country, has a sublime internet network and acquisitive population.


Fresh Tuesday has an open business character and works together with other parties. Various organizations have the need of temporary support. Do you need extra manpower on freelance basis? Fresh Tuesday can help. Leave a message and I’ll call you.

Teaching | Coaching

Sharing of knowledge and inspiring people is something that fits in with the business DNA of Fresh Tuesday. Would you like to make use of the possibilities of a part-time or temporary teaching position for entrepreneurship or e-commerce and online marketing classes? Then please contact me to talk about the requirements and options.